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Auto Soap Dispenser Gift Set

Product No: GI Auto Soap Dispenser Gift Set
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Auto Soap Dispenser Gift Set
1. Classic glossy design, high appearance level, easy to clean, IPX5 water-proof
2. Infrared sensor design, easy to use, no need to touch, automatic foam, no contact to wash hand.
3. Micron foam uniform and meticulous, easy to clean
4. Battery 2000mAH, charge for 2 hours and use for 4 months (8 times a day on average)
5. After washing long term moisturizing, hyaluronic acid, look moisture of your skin.
6. While washing, also skin care, hand sanitizer contains 9 chinese herbal skin essence
7. A variety of fragrance capsules, with the season and the mood of the free fragrance.
Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Soap
1. Rich in large molecular hyaluronic acid, long-term water retention
2. 9 herbal extracts, whitening and skin care
3. Hand protection type wash hands
4. Micron grade foam, effective cleaning does not hurt the skin
Fragrance Capsules
1. Rose/lavender/blue wind bells/citrus/vervain
2. Freely adjust the flavor of the front, middle and rear, highlight the personality charm


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